Sunday, October 2, 2016

Astrology (A Short Story)

You will get a prime parking spot at Panera. It will be the first of many successes you enjoy.

Stay active on social media. Soon you will have a viral tweet. Make all of your tweets count and be purposeful in your tweeting. A person of great influence will reach out to you because of your viral tweet. You may be presented with the opportunity of your lifetime.

Be honest--you have not always been kind, and you have even wished ill on your haters (more than once, as you know). It is important to channel any negative feelings you have in a way that doesn't send hate into the universe. You love gossip, and you'll continue to love gossip. See this as the challenge that it is.

One day you'll be stuck in a very long line, with a Coldplay song on repeat. It will make you uncomfortable and nervous. Then something will happen. Not terrible, nor life-threatening, but you'll be forced to ask someone for help, something you don't like to do. Embrace the moment. Be vulnerable. More importantly, just be.

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