Thursday, August 16, 2012

Classic Sociological License Plate

Life is busy, hectic, and stressful. Sometimes we need a humorous moment to keep us going. This week I got one as I drove behind a van with a sociological license plate that says LOVESHAK. I drove as close to the van as I could without ramming into it, and took a picture (you can clearly see my dashboard). If somehow I get the chance to interview the owner of this van, I would ask her/him about the motivation for selecting LOVESHAK as a customized plate. Was it to make people laugh? Does it speak to activity that has taken place in the van?

Notice the person uses decals to announce herself/himself as a sports fan (you can easily see a Buffalo Bills magnet) and to affiliate herself/himself with a university (I think the sticker says University of North Carolina). In all, the person is using the back of a van to say a bunch of things about herself/himself. As I've said before, some people use their license plates like tattoos: as a way of communicating something about themselves to the world.