Saturday, April 9, 2016

Toward a Content Analysis of Love It or List It

What might a coding sheet look like for a content analysis of Love It or List It

Reason couple is deciding to move:

______More square footage

______Bigger yard

______Desperate for open concept kitchen

______I have no clue because current house is perfect


The couple:

______Likes each other

______Hates each other

______If you can't be with the one you love, buy a bigger house in a higher status neighborhood.




______$1 million+

______How do these couples have a $1 million budget?

______What about people buying houses for less than $200,000?

The couple freaks out at some point in the episode because:

______The appliances aren't amazing.

______The storage options aren't amazing.

______The en suite isn't amazing (Who says en suite?!)

______I told you I want to stay in my current neighborhood!                                                                             

______There's no pool!

______Commute is too long.

______Only one and half bathrooms? 

The researcher doing the coding gets angry or jealous or some combination thereof because:

_____How are you not blown away by that bathroom?

_____Do you really need marble?

_____I admit to wanting that fireplace.

____You keep talking about entertaining but the New York Times said people don't have parties anymore.                                                                             
____You seem wicked entitled and annoying and why am I watching this?

The couple:

____is mildly annoying.

____is super annoying.

____One person in this couple is alright. 

The couple:

__________________________________________ Loves it

__________________________________________ Lists it