Monday, February 3, 2020

During Discussions about Gender and Socially Constructed Ideas

When we're talking gender in the classroom (very often), occasionally color will be brought up as something that's socially constructed. I like to quote my nine-year-old, who claims that "pink is a girl color." I argue with him on the point until I realize I'm arguing with a child. But I get my two cents in by saying that people can like whatever color they want. Anyhow, celebrities push the boundaries on fashion and color, and I remain impressed with the pink cowboy outfit that Lil Nas X wore to the 2020 Grammys. It's something I mentioned in class last week when we talked about doing gender. [Source of pic is from the article I've linked to].

Also: check out the pink hat and pink and blue jacket worn by a member of Griselda (from Buffalo, my metro region!) during their recent performance on the Jimmy Fallon show. [Source of pic is from the article I've linked to].

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