Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sociologist Googles "Hillary Clinton Post Gender Society" Out of Curiosity

I've been thinking about how there hasn't been much talk about Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman president. In contrast, there was a ton written about Barack Obama becoming the first black president and even talk about a post-racial society. Below is a quick sampling of article titles that appeared today when I googled "Obama post racial society." Click on article title if you want to see the article.

Obama: "My election did not create a post-racial society"

Obama's post-racial promise

There Is No Post-Racial America

A New, 'Post-Racial' Political Era in America

The fallacy of a ‘post-racial’ society

Half of America Thinks We Live in a Post-Racial Society — The Other Half, Not So Much

The Obama Era: A Post-racial Society?

Obama’s election was supposed to usher in a new post-racial era. Why has racist expression grown more vicious than any time since the 1960s?

Obama a marker on post-racial path

Youth and the Myth of a Post-Racial Society Under Barack Obama

There are many more results. Many a thinkpiece has been written about a so-called post-racial society. As you can tell by the article titles, many of the pieces bat away the idea of a post-racial society. Still, it's notable how many writers contemplated the idea of a post-racial society.

I also googled "Hillary Clinton post gender society" today, thinking I might not even come across the phrase post-gender in any articles. A few headlines do include the phrase. Other articles that come up in the search don't have the phrase in the article title. Some examples:

Could a Clinton presidency unleash a post-gender society? Not a chance.

Hillary's Big Moment: Are We Post-Gender? (Written in 2008)

No post-gender society

Can Hillary Clinton change gender roles in politics? (Interesting article. This sentence stands out: "Paradoxically, electing a woman president for the US will not advance women's rights around the globe.")

A  lot of young men seem to think we’re already living in a post-sexist America

In Hillary Clinton’s run, the ‘woman card’ works in surprising ways. Here’s how.

This isn't in-depth content analysis, as you can see. I'm just a staff of one over here. Just me, myself, and Google. Merely curious about whether people are seriously engaging with the idea of a post-gender society. It looks to me like people aren't going out of their way to predict a post-gender society. If people were once in a rush to declare a post-racial society (and now here we are with most observers rejecting the notion), perhaps we're in a more cautious era with people less willing to forecast a major transformation in society. Calling society post-race or post-gender or post-class may be little more than a contrarian viewpoint, at this point in time.

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