Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Picture of the Day (Young Thug)

We covered the concept of "doing gender" in my Social Psychology course yesterday. Click here for my summary of the West and Zimmerman article. During our discussion, a student mentioned Young Thug wearing a dress on his latest album cover. I don't know his music and wasn't familiar with the picture to which she referred. She kindly handed me her phone during class to show me the picture. It's a good example of challenging gender norms. I reminded the class of when Kanye West wore a kilt ("effectively a skirt," as GQ refers to it here). My point was that I think celebrities have more room to maneuver than regular people in pushing the boundaries of socially acceptable expressions of masculinity and femininity. Click here for an article about the dress that Young Thug is wearing on his album cover (also the source from where I copied and paste this picture).

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