Saturday, February 7, 2015

This is a Great Idea. And Humanity Still Exists.

Love this idea. Think I'll make this on Valentine's Day.

I had time to page through this issue of Good Housekeeping when I was in line at the grocery store this morning. The article called it "love toast." I dig it.

The lines were long because there were only two cashiers working. The person behind me in line noticed a fellow customer with only a few items in her cart. The person (I'll call her Mary to make this clearer) suggested to the customer that she could go through the self-scan aisle because it would be much faster. The woman was reluctant to do so; she explained she didn't know how to use the self-scan technology. I think I heard her say something about being embarrassed about not knowing how to do it. So Mary told her fellow customer she would show her how to use the technology. The woman was surprised but took Mary up on her offer. Mary walked her through the process until the customer was all set and finished with the process. And then Mary returned to a "regular" line (she had a lot of items in the cart. Like me, she apparently preferred to wait to be checked out by a paid employee). The woman was very grateful for Mary's assistance and thanked her numerous times. What Mary did was the nicest act in public I've seen in a while. And Mary's instruction was some of the best teaching I've observed since a different trip to a grocery store that I describe in a previous blog post.

It's easy to observe people acting like fools in public. So it was refreshing to see an act of kindness play out this morning.

So that's a dose of humanity that I wanted to share.

I'll share a picture of the love toast I make on Valentine's Day, assuming I follow through.

In the meantime, let's raise our glasses to toast this eggcellent moment of humanity.

P.S. I live for puns.

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