Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Thursday in February

On Thursdays, I usually take my 4-year-old to my parents and then I head to my office for the day to grade, prepare for class, etc. But my parents are in Florida, so I'm with Mack today. It was too cold to play outside, so all I could think to do was go to the grocery store and then Subway for lunch (his choice).

Mack likes to look at the lobsters so we spent a moment doing so.

Suddenly, "Your Love is Driving Me Crazy" came piping through the store. This song will stay in my head for days. Thanks, grocery store soundtrack maker.

The song put a little pep in my step, I won't kid you.

Then I came across Kardashian news.

Fast forward to lunch. Mack wanted to go to Subway. I took our picture. Look how this winter has aged me.

I like Subway better than most other fast food places. I don't have much to say except maybe it's the best of a bad lot. When I finish off a veggie delite, I certainly feel better than when I drop a cheeseburger in my stomach from McDonalds or other burgercentric places. However, with due respect to Subway, I doubt they have the Best. Breakfast. Ever.

Recently, my friend and fellow sociologist of everyday life Matt Loveland wrote a good piece about Subway. Check it out here.

Well, I'm writing this while Mack watches Calliou. Don't judge. Soon he'll take a nap and I can do some grading and e-mailing.

And how was your day?

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