Sunday, December 21, 2014

Skating in Buffalo (and other Good Times)

There's a new ice rink in downtown Buffalo. It's one of the attractions at Canalside in downtown Buffalo. We had a blast going to Canalside in the summer when our kids played in the huge sandbox and took advantage of the other play activities. They're ages 7 and 4 and wanted to give ice skating a try. So yesterday we took them skating for the first time. They fell down a bunch of times so there was more falling than skating but they had fun anyway. I busted out my CCM Super Tacks that seriously might be thirty years old. They were handed down to me by my uncle who played a lot of hockey in his youth. I can skate okay but still can't stop properly or cross over. But one day I will.

I'm amazed by what a great job they've done at Canalside. Years ago it felt like there wasn't much to do in downtown Buffalo. It seemed you really had to work hard to find things to do other than go to bars. I definitely like bars but I also like to have options available to me that don't center around drinking. The ice rink is big and beautiful. Here's a picture I took with one of Buffalo's largest buildings in the background. It looks like an artist's rendering come to life.

Afterwards we grabbed a meal at Dinosaur BBQ. It's easier than ever to find a place to eat in Buffalo. So many good options. I love the fact that it's also easy to find Buffalo-made beers in restaurants. At the Dinosaur restaurant I enjoyed a Sponge Candy Stout from Resurgence Brewing Company. Really good stuff.

The kids fell asleep on the drive home. My seven-year-old is a bookworm and fell asleep reading. Seeing my kid sleeping peacefully with his hands on a book gave me a feeling of happiness.

Now it's Sunday, the day I'm usually making soup or chili in a crock pot to warm our bones on a chilly winter day. Today I've got sauce and meatballs in the crock pot. Can you really use a crock pot to cook meatballs? I'm about to find out in three hours.

A weekend like this makes me grateful for the simple adventures of family life. Tomorrow is gift wrapping and other preparations for a week of family gatherings and gift exchanges. I'm in the holiday spirit more than usual this time of year.

Happy holidays everyone.

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