Friday, December 26, 2014

New Habits? Maybe Who Knows Let's Find Out

Click click click check check check.

Seems that's so much of what I've been doing for sooooooooooooooo long.

I was reluctant to buy a smartphone knowing I'm an information junkie and then I bought one and sure enough I have the phone in my face way too much.

This is not to say phones are evil and we shouldn't have them.

It's to say I'm always looking. Always looking.

For a while I've thought one of the reasons we like to text and tweet and interact with phones is the real feeling that whatever is happening in front of us is less interesting than what's happening anywhere else. The conversation in the living room pales in comparison to the universe of people saying smart things and sharing pictures.

I'd like to cut down on my checking. And I really don't expect to replace my checking with more time spent looking at the sky and the trees because I already do that. Much of my life is spent looking at trees and birds and people and cars and my kids. I think I'm just trying to change the habits of how I go through everyday life. Less checking. Less expecting. I still want to know exactly what I've been checking or expecting because I really don't know.

As a first step I have dropped off from Twitter for now. I like Twitter and will probably return to Twitter. I decided to depart for now because it was the thing I was checking the most. Check check check click click click. I tried to check less and click less but I was constantly drawn in and just so curious.

I guess I want to see what happens when I'm doing less checking. Maybe I'll write more or write differently. Maybe I'll drink more coffee or eat more chocolate or do more push-ups. Maybe I'll write a symphony except I don't know how to and don't want to learn. Maybe I'll stop writing bad sentences or change my maybes to definitelys. I just checked to see if definitely comes in plural. I don't think it does but it should. So far I'm still checking Google as much as I usually do.

Check please.

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