Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Yesterday I saw a man walking proudly to work. The heat was unbearable, but he walked at a fast pace with his head held high. This was a man with purpose. He carried his lunch bucket, another sign that he was ready for a full day of work. I took all this in while driving by in my air conditioned car. "We need to restore pride to work" was the thought that popped into my head. This man looked like an advertisement for an honest day's pay for an honest day of work. And that seems lost in today's society. So many people unemployed, underemployed, and so many others employed in work that doesn't generate pride and dignity. So many jobs depend on emotion work -- having to pretend to be happy serving customers at check out lines and drive thru's. We consume, therefore we are. But does all of our consumption produce pride, dignity, and purpose for workers?

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