Saturday, September 22, 2018

TV Usually Disappoints, But the Coachella Episode of Insecure Did Not

"57 channels and nothin' on," sang Bruce Springsteen, and it's hard to believe there used to be fewer than 200 channels. Of course, 57 channels was a lot compared earlier eras without cable TV.

I watch HGTV and Food Network and baseball and football once in a while and Dateline and a bunch of stuff to kill time. I watch The Sinner, Ozark, Sharp Objects. I don't love any of these shows but I watch them anyway.

A series I do like very much is Divorce.

I watch Insecure. Season 3, episode 5, known as the Coachella episode, is the funniest episode in show history, in my humble opinion. Many, many laugh out loud moments. I watched it last night, sipping a cold beer in an armchair, exclaiming "genius" more than once when Issa Rae made me crack up.

TV so often disappoints, but once in a while you see something that reminds you why you watch it in the first place.

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