Tuesday, March 6, 2018

How Much Will You Pay For Asparagus?

What's the most you would pay for asparagus? I don't buy it a lot, it's not one of my favorite vegetables, it's expensive, and we live in Buffalo, so presumably it takes a while to get to grocery store shelves here in winter. I'll mix it in with pasta or cook it as a side dish for chicken once every 3-4 weeks, I'd say. Today it was on my list to go with fish.

Check out the price for .80 pound of asparagus -- $6. It's labeled "fresh cut" and "washed & ready to use". I wonder how many shoppers are able to afford to pay this much for asparagus, and are they willing to pay this much for convenience? These packages weren't in the produce section. They were in the seafood section. Notice the scallops with carrot puree packaged for $10.

Our fish and asparagus dinner is in a different category. Frozen fish on sale for $2.99, dinner rolls for $3.99 (more than I wanted to spend but half the package will go in the freezer), and $1.44 for a half pound of asparagus. In the produce section they had bunches of asparagus in rubber bands, so I grabbed half a bunch to save $$ and to get only what we need for dinner (family of 4).

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