Wednesday, December 20, 2017

I'm Sorry I'm a Burden to You

Now that the semester has ended, there is time to catch up and reflect.

There was a moment in one of my classes when we talked about relationships.

It was my Social Psychology course.

I can't remember the context, but we arrived at the point of saying that in a relationship it feels horrible to be made to feel like a burden.

This was a course with mostly juniors and seniors.

After class I typed one sentence in my iPhone notes: "I'm sorry I'm a burden to you." It remains in my notes and I'm looking at it today.

There is no place for this sentence to go, other than this blog.

I like the idea of it as a poem.


Or as a line in a play: "I'm sorry I'm a burden to you."

Or as the basis of a song.

Being honest, in our relationship history we have both probably made others feel like a burden and been made to feel like a burden.

In any direction, it doesn't feel good.

The end.

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