Monday, August 7, 2017

It Was the Summer of '17

All the not Trump takes you need to know...

David Brooks went to lunch with a friend from high school. She froze at the sight of obscure sandwiches. I would have had the ethnic advantage in the situation (being approximately 75% Italian-American) and would have ordered something with capicollo.

Someone believes there is a link between avocado toast and inability to buy homes. I've never purchased avocado toast but I like avocados and love toast so it's on my bucket list. I'm lucky to be a home owner but then again I belong to Generation X so to be honest I can't lend valuable insight to this story.

A guy finds his wife physically attractive first it was okay to say it then not. I'm not sure what the lesson is but it potentially serves as a reminder that THE INTERNET THRIVES ON HUMILIATION (a take from 2016 that I actually like a lot).

Participation trophies are horrible and, like delis that serve unusual cured meats, are ruining society. That's a take from 2010 until forever and I disagree because first of all not everybody gets participation trophies, second of all they are not ruining society, and third of all my 6-year-old got one for playing baseball this year and it's really not a big deal. My 9-year-old did not receive one at the end of his soccer season but no one bothers to report on all the youth athletes who don't get trophies so you can thank me for being on the vanguard of RESPONSIBLE TAKE BLOGGING (TM).

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