Monday, May 9, 2016

Will I Lose Weight This Summer?

I usually gain 3-4 pounds a year. I don't know what my ideal weight is, I just know I keep gaining weight. I exercise but not enough and I try to eat well but I have weaknesses (pizza, donuts, beer, really all carbs). I don't like going to the gym. My wife and I do exercise videos together (Denise Austin, Jillian Michaels) and I run 1-2 miles around the neighborhood and do workouts with dumbbells but I want to try something different. So I bought the Wonder Core last week. I bought one from Bed Bath & Beyond with a $20 coupon so it brought the cost down to $80. I have no idea if this thing works or how much I need to use it before expecting results.

I've been reading about Lauryn Hill and how she shows up two hours late for concerts and that makes some people mad while others defend her. I prefer to just listen to Lauryn Hill in the comfort of my home or automobile. Here I am listening to Lauryn while working out in my basement. Why am I working out in jeans? Because I just dropped off one of my kids to school and I shouldn't be working out. I should be grading final exams. I'm all hyped up on coffee and I started grading exams at 7:00 a.m. So my break was recording myself using the Wonder Core while listening to Lauryn Hill and taking five minutes to blog about it before I return to grading.

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