Monday, February 5, 2018

Cold Take: That Was A Boring, Uninspiring Halftime Show

Like guacamole using an unripe avocado. It didn't taste right.

What McDonald's has done to a hamburger. You get used to it. It passes for a hamburger.

The not hungry superstar with no chip on their shoulder. Showing up becomes enough.

It was Justin Timberlake's Pepsi version of what a Super Bowl show is supposed to be.

It was Pepsi. Sometimes you are thirsty and you drink what's on the menu.

JT was like a driver barely interested in his Monday morning commute.

It was like Dunkin' Donuts take on donuts.

It was a college professor not updating notes and just teaching what they've always taught and going through the motions.

Like being a rat in a cage without rage.

Like being in Weber's Iron Cage and saying hey this isn't so bad as long as I get paid.

His manner of dress was Bill Belichick-ian. Each man wore what they would be expected to wear. But the occasion calls for more.

This was soup out of a can.

A waffle from a box.

It was the meteorologist not believing their own forecast.

The car salesperson barely trying to sell a car.

This was Amazon Prime not delivering on time.

When kids go trick or treating on Halloween, they want the good candy.

This was not the good candy.

The end.

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