Sunday, June 11, 2017

momentary freakout

friday night i'm at 6-year-old's baseball game. my wife is at 9-year-old's soccer game. it's no fun to be apart, or at least it's more fun to be together. maybe that's why we text back and forth or maybe it's just habit or something else, who the hell knows. anyway i'm texting updates about baseball game and she's texting updates about soccer game. i'm chatting with people to my left and right so it's not like i'm laser focused on my phone it's just a matter of ongoing communication and planning for later. you see, it's friday night and so maybe if the games end at the same time we'll meet up for ice cream. LIVING THE DREAM. suddenly my phone screen goes blank. what the f just happened? did my 3+ year-old precious iphone just shit the bed? i don't panic but i'm trying to get the thing back on and i'm half worried about having to spend too much $$$$ on a new phone and more worried about the lapse in communication. the lines of communication have been closed oh shit. i tell 6-year-old i'm going to the car for a minute. i plug phone in thinking maybe it needs a charge but that's not it. i grab 50 cents kinda pumped up about the prospect of using a pay phone for the first time in can't remember when but ain't no pay phone on the premises.

i sit back down in my folding chair about to be reduced to borrowing phone from person next to me to text or call wife to say "hey boo phone went dead meet you at home after game". then i'm fast forwarding in my head to saturday thinking gotta dip into savings account for new phone that's how these things go OR just maybe i can go without the phone. yeah, i can go without the phone. except that's how pictures are shared and that's primary means of communication with my brother and parents and full cast of characters in my life and one of my favorite means of communication with my wife. my lifeline. my wifeline. oh yes i did just write wifeline.

PLOT TWIST the phone comes back on what's up with that don't know don't care i'm back in business "hey boo phone went dead suddenly weird but working now game about to end where u wanna meet for ice cream"?

the end.

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