Friday, July 3, 2015

You Call This a Sociology Blog?!?!

Earlier this year, I claimed that this blog had come to an end. I am back, until I am not. I am like the Brett Favre of sociology blogging, except not really. I wanted to share a recipe for a somewhat tasty and healthy dish that I made last night. My wife saw the recipe on Facebook. Thanks, Zuckerberg, for all the ways you enhance our lives. This recipe features two ingredients that I don't usually eat (orzo and arugula). They're ingredients I didn't know as a youngster and ones that haven't showed up much in my adult life. But they're easy enough to work with. I don't love arugula (#TeamIceberg #TeamRomaine) but it works well in this recipe. So here's what you do. Cook fresh corn however you prefer. Grill if you're a boss, or boil them if you're me. Then shave off the beautiful kernels. Then throw orzo in boiling water. While the orzo is cooking, saute onions in olive oil. When the onions have softened, mix in the corn. Slice up grape tomatoes. When you strain the orzo, toss it with olive oil and squeeze in some fresh lemon juice. Lay down the arugula on the plate. Then the orzo and onion/corn mix. Then sprinkle with tomatoes and fresh Parmesan cheese. Do not use Kraft Parmesan! Use the fresh stuff. There are probably ways to enhance this dish by way of spices, herbs, or, as my beautiful wife suggested, pine nuts. Do what you think is right. Here's how it came out. Sorry for the glare in the picture. On a scale of one to yum, I rate it yum.

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