Monday, September 1, 2014

Roasted Broccoli (Don't Call it a Comeback)

I was watching an episode of Beat Bobby Flay recently when Flay (who I like watching) challenged two chefs to use broccoli as the star ingredient. During the contest he said something about broccoli being ready to make a comeback. For those of us who aren't true foodies, broccoli never went away in the first place. Broccoli is relatively affordable and an easy vegetable to prepare (or heck, just to eat as is). I usually steam it and the result isn't always flavorful. So while the great chefs around the world wait for broccoli to become fashionable, I'll just continue to enjoy it as a staple. Tonight I tossed it up in olive oil, salt, pepper, and chopped garlic and put it in the oven. Wish this was in my cooking repertoire sooner, because yum.

I had it in the oven a few minutes more than necessary, so I almost burned it. Notice it doesn't look perfect but I wanted to show it in all its imperfection. Check out this short post I wrote that is meant as commentary about how we present ourselves as eaters via social media.

Yes I just blogged about broccoli. The topic doesn't move the needle and they might take my Sociology card away. But hey, I consider myself a sociologist of everyday life and to me that includes documenting mundane moments. By the way, the broccoli was a side for our dinner tonight. The rest of the meal was breaded chicken and rice. It's food my kids will actually eat and the meal only takes thirty minutes to prepare. I'm guessing pretty standard fare for families who aren't super talented in the kitchen nor exceptionally imaginative about ingredients, spices, or methods of preparation. Also budget friendly.

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