Saturday, June 7, 2014

Obedient Bureaucrat?

While helping my dad clean out the attic in his house the other day, I came across a bunch of stuff that belonged to me. Turns out two of my report cards from high school were stored in the attic for the past few decades. Is there anything we can glean from my performance in high school? Perhaps not, but let's try anyway.

We can easily see I struggled in Social Studies, Earth Science, and Math. I was apparently working below ability. At least my English and Spanish teachers thought I was a pleasure to have in class.

Fortunately, I turned my act around in tenth grade (I wonder if this is why I hung onto these two reports).

By the end of tenth grade I was demonstrating "superior work habits." And check out my work in Keyboarding (listed as KEYBD BUS CM)--I still remember this as the class I learned to type with all my fingers. By the looks of things, it appears my old school was trying to turn me into an obedient bureaucrat.



*freaks out*

*takes stock of life*

Just kidding, all is well, and happy to be able to type with all my fingers. But thinking about that obedient bureaucrat thing........

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