Monday, January 13, 2014

What's Your Favorite Color?

I was mystery reader for my son's first grade class. The kids knew that a parent was coming but they didn't know who it would be. They got hints about me by learning about five things I like. Before I arrived, they were informed that my favorite things include baseball, books, autumn, pizza, and Despicable Me. I thought I should put a kids movie on the list. Know your audience and all that. I showed up and read a funny little book about worms. I loved it when the kids laughed. Step back, before I read the book my son introduced me and told them I'm a sociology professor. He told his classmates that sociology is the study of big kids. I love that kid. After I read the book the kids were allowed to ask me questions. I didn't know this was coming. I loved every minute of it. Kids ask the best questions. Do you like dogs? Where did you grow up? Do you like worms? What's your favorite color? I told them my favorite color is red because for most of my life that's been true. After I gave my answer I said something like "But I really like orange too. Maybe it's orange." Come to think of it, I think orange is my favorite color. And I still like red. The End.

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