Saturday, November 21, 2015

Stevie Wonder's Timeless Message of Love

I'm a huge Stevie Wonder fan. I've liked his music since I was a child. I have distinct memories of my mom's best friend playing Stevie Wonder songs when I was growing up. Songs in the Key of Life is one of my favorite all-time albums. Stevie came to Buffalo this week for a concert. He and his incredible band played the songs from that album and tossed in additional songs as a bonus. It was amazing. Stevie preaches love. It's a timeless message. Stevie's voice remains amazing and his harmonica skills are incredible to me. I'm so happy and lucky that I had a chance to see him in person.

Here's a few videos I took at the concert. First we have "Sir Duke." Love love love this song.

Next we have "Knocks Me Off My Feet" which was probably the highlight of the concert. This song sounds so beautiful to me every time I hear it. I'm a fool for not recording the entire song. Here's another one of my favorites, "All Day Sucker." And here's an example of Stevie venturing away from the album, with a cover of "People Get Ready." Awesome.

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