Monday, September 29, 2014

What's Your Favorite Store?

I have said in a previous blog post that kids ask the best questions. Today my 6-year-old tossed a good one at me. He asked "What's your favorite store in the whole world?" I was stumped. My first thought was that I don't have a favorite store. That got me thinking about how I don't really like to shop and buy stuff. Not very often anyway. I consume, that's for sure, but I don't get a great deal of pleasure from going into stores and purchasing things.

A few years ago, I might have said that my favorite store was a used bookstore in a neighborhood where we used to live. But the bookstore closed. In that same neighborhood there's a cool store that sells used CDs and I liked that store a lot too. But it being 2014 and everything I tend to obtain music in other ways.

So I guess it comes down to any establishment where I can get food. I think my favorite store is an old school bakery in Niagara Falls, NY called DiCamillo. There are several locations but I especially like the ones on Pine Avenue and Niagara Falls Boulevard. They have great donuts and good coffee. You know what they say: happiness is a donut and a good cup of coffee.

Now that I've thought this through, I'll tell Troy about my answer when I pick him up from school.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Sleep Deprivation Episode #8,452

My 3-year-old woke up this morning around 4:00 hollering about who knows what and everybody went back to bed but I couldn't get back to sleep. So I hit the couch and watched an episode of Beat Bobby Flay in which the "star ingredient" was beets. That led to puns about Beeting Bobby Flay and that was all well and good except I still couldn't sleep and before long my beautiful 3-year-old was up again hollering about something else. We all got to where we needed to go this morning and now I'm slugging coffee so I can function in the classroom soon.

This morning I almost tweeted "I haven't had a good night of sleep since 1987" except that's not really true but I like the sound of it so I devote this sentence to it. I've been a parent for almost seven years and there have been many nights of deprived sleep. Plus life before kids which included a ton of sleepless nights, especially in the grad school days. But that is a-okay.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

One of Those Days

What a terrible day. It started when I went to the bookstore. The guy wouldn't sell me the Bukowski book. Or the Kerouac book. He said they weren't for sale. Jerk. So I said “The least you could do is carry my book. Why won't you carry my book? I live in this neighborhood, people might like to read it.” 
Then I went to the Marina convinced I could get happy. I got close, could almost feel content, but some kid ruined it for me. He was trying to climb a tree in front of me. He would climb a bit, stumble, climb some more, slip, try again, fall, but I gotta admit, the kid was persistent. He kept trying to climb it. I liked his effort, but boy he was annoying, and he was in my space. I don't like it when people are in my space. An hour went by and this kid was still trying to climb that damn tree.  Finally I yelled at him: “Give it up kid. Give it up! You've got no chance.” 
He climbed to the top of the tree, grinned, looked down at me, and smiled.  That kid should be thankful he met me.


Author's note: This is a work of fiction.

Morning Love

Holding hands this morning with my son in a grocery store parking lot. I like taking pictures of shadows.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Quote of the Day (Courtesy of My Colleague)

"Nice to see you," I said to a colleague I always like to see.

"'It's nice to be seen,' as I like to say" he replied.

The End

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

In an Unsurprising Development, Fantasy Football and Algorithms Have Joined Forces

In an unsurprising development, fantasy football and algorithms have joined forces.

The current NFL season is the first time I'm in a fantasy football league. I've always been hesitant to join because I didn't want another thing to check. I'm already a frequent checker. I check Twitter, e-mail, my blog readership, my phone, etc. But I figured "Hey why not try something new and it might even be fun." It's been fun so far. I'm not in a league filled with guys talking about their players. I mention that because the author says something to that effect in the opening of the article to which I linked. My league is a mix of men and women competing against each other with very little trash-talking so far.

The author is excited about the computer generated content made available by Yahoo Sports because it's a convenient source of information; some of it is even humorous. The author notes there's way more content than would be possible by relying on "human writers."

As for me, I still prefer human writers.

But I reserve the right to change my mind. Perhaps the day will come when I replace myself with a machine to generate content for this blog.

Monday, September 22, 2014

I Wasn't Great in the Classroom Today

I wasn't great in the classroom today. I had three classes. I feel like I was 0 for 3. There are so many factors at play that it's hard to determine why class sessions don't go exactly like we hope. In this case it seemed like we all had a case of the Mondays (possibly civilization's all-time worst cliché but perhaps something to it). Today was a cold and dreary Monday and I didn't feel much energy in the room with any of my classes. Having not slept great last night, I also didn't have max energy. I worked hard to cover the material and there were occasional good moments, but overall classes felt flat to me and I'm thinking it felt that way to my students too. I was happy with my preparation but my execution wasn't solid. It's lousy to come away from a day of classes feeling like I struck out three times. But I try to have a short memory about days like this. I try not to over think what happened and look forward to better classes next time.