Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cold Take: Super Bowl 49

A cold take comes too late. It's not bold enough. It's not provocative. It just kind of sits there, failing to inspire anyone to share. See, for example, my cold take on elf on the shelf, or my cold take on the Super Bowl 48 halftime show.

Speaking of the Super Bowl...

I did not enjoy the Katy Perry halftime performance. Her songs all sound like commercials to me. I'm not sure why Lenny Kravitz had a cameo, but I guess he was playing to 1990s nostalgia. I will say that just typing Lenny Kravitz's name makes me want to hear "Are You Gonna Go My Way," a song I'm tempted to include in my all-time favorite 200 songs list. Let me tell you about that song: we danced to it many a night on the stage at the Old Main Inn in Fredonia in our undergraduate days in the early 90s. As for the halftime show, I do think Missy Elliott did a good job and I believe she outperformed Perry.

The commercials during the Super Bowl were mostly humorless, or flat out depressing. My 7-year-old saw the Nationwide commercial. It caught us both off guard. It scared him and left a pit in my stomach.

I think the best commercials in recent years aired months before the Super Bowl, like the Geico commercials with Salt N Pepa and Ickey Woods. What is it with late 80s-early 90s nostalgia? I guess we can't help ourselves.

Well, we all know how the Super Bowl ended. Pete Carroll will be judged harshly for the rest of his life for allowing a pass play to take place at the end of the game. The masses say that Marshawn Lynch should have ran the ball instead. I'm actually one of those people who didn't think it was the worst call ever. It could have worked. Malcolm Butler made an amazing play, so credit to the rookie for being prepared and being in the right place. I'm sure Carroll regrets the call, same as I regret not making better guacamole during the Super Bowl. It wasn't my best work. My cheeseburger sliders weren't special either. But let's not despair, there's always next year.

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