Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Two Days of Grading

I've been working at home for two days in a row. I spent both days grading. I just realized it never occurred to me to turn on the television. In these two days I graded with a fair amount of discipline. Procrastination came into play, no doubt. In years past, I probably would've watched at least a little bit of TV in between grading. But daytime television holds almost no appeal these days. I've cut almost all cable news out of my diet, and I'm not one to channel surf during the day. Unless the Yankees are playing a day game, it usually doesn't occur to me to turn on the TV in daytime hours. So my breaks from grading mostly consisted of responding to e-mails and watching Twitter (in a way, as I've written before, I think of Twitter and Facebook as television).

Well that's a quick and simple thought for the day. Back to grading.

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