Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Dream about Giant Contact Lenses

A few nights ago I had a dream in which I was trying to stuff giant contact lenses into my eyes. I tried and tried again, but no way was a lens ten times the shape of a normal lens going to fit. Why was I dreaming about contacts in the first place? I gave up on contact lenses long ago. I only wear glasses. Yet this is the second time I can recall having this dream.

What, I wondered aloud, is up with that? I googled my way to an acceptable answer. I found some analysis that suggested the dream has to do with decision-making. Then I came across a tidbit that totally rang true: the huge contact dream is possibly about dealing with competing projects. Nothing dramatic here. It's not as if I have a deep desire to have an extramarital affair or some secret wish to do a TED talk. So no high-flying excitement in this little post. I latched onto the word "project" when I saw it, satisfied that the dream captured how I usually feel at the end of the semester. Inevitably, I'm a little "out of sorts" when the semester concludes and the routine I've had for the academic year comes to a crashing halt. It's hard to close the book on an academic year. It takes a little time to get my mind right and move on to summer.

So the dream helped me remember that I need to develop a summer routine in order to be productive for the next few months. I have a four-week Social Stratification course that begins in mid-June, so that gives me the next month to prepare it and to do some writing (I'm working on the second edition of my book Sociology in Stories). After the course ends, I'll continue writing and teach a short Introduction to Sociology course that begins in late July. It's a course that only lasts nine days. This will be my third time teaching the course. It's four hours a day and is taught to local high school students. I find it to be a very rewarding teaching experience, especially because some of the students are from Niagara Falls High School, my alma mater.

The summer courses and writing I need to do are the projects that will occupy my summer. I don't have full days of work ahead of me. Because kids. Summer for me is a mix of family time and work time; more family time than work time, an overall good balance of being with family and doing work. I just need to get organized and settle into a new routine so I won't have weird dreams of trying to insert enormous lenses into my eyes.


  1. This is a recurring dream that I keep having as well. I don't know how this happens but I have had recurring dreams and have found out that a lot of people I don't even know have the same dreams. Like trying to wear big contact lenses, strange machine like objects in the sky, being inside a plane which is flying through a tunnel but never really taking off. Trying to drive a car but cannot reach the pedal or a car that's too small for me to fit inside, houses and places that keep coming in my dreams, a secret place behind a giant waterfall, etc etc etc.

  2. Oh my gosh, I had the same dream last night. What’s is so strange about it was that it was so realistic, like I was remembering an experience with these giant lenses that happened in real life. I woke up trying to remember a time when I actually used these lense, which is impossible. I have been doing a lot of writing lately on multiple projects, so maybe there is some accuracy for your interpretation of the dream.

  3. For several years now I have the recurring dream that I'm trying to put in my contact lenses but they are for some reason very large, and I try and try and try to get them in!! I've always wondered why I keep having them, could it be just because I have worn contacts for 16 years now and it's just a fear I have, like not being able to get them in! I also have this same recurring dream that my teeth get loose and fall out or break out

  4. I have these giant contact dreams all the time! I’ve worn contacts my whole life and have very minimal problems with them. I’m always trying to stuff these giant things into my eyes in my dreams. It’s something about being frustrated....

  5. Coming here to say Greg Gutfeld has the same dream as me. Now I know it's a common dream amongst many people, which is very interesting! Also, the loose teeth dream is very common.

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