Sunday, August 21, 2022

Puking is Bad (Masculinity File)

I went for a jog this morning. 30+ years ago I ran on the cross country team in high school. Now, on the edge of age 50, I struggle to run a few miles. I currently harbor a delusion that I might play in a age 50+ rugby tournament in Summer 2023. So I'm using that as motivation to exercise. After I jogged today, I started doing "sprints" (whatever constitutes a sprint for a middle-aged plus person) and pushed myself, talking to myself in the process about how I hadn't eaten breakfast and wondered if I might yack while running. I didn't. But during my inner dialogue I recalled a report from a few days ago about Nebraska football players puking during practice. Head coach Scott Frost is quoted as saying: "It’s not because they’re not in shape—he’s just working them hard...I think they love it." My take on the matter is that puking is bad and something to be avoided. I feel bad for athletes of any age who are pushed to the point of throwing up. And, with regard to male athletes, I hope puking isn't worn as a badge of masculinity.

ESPN reporter Kevin Seifert, making a reference to Korey Stringer, covered the matter with good perspective: 

I'm saving this in my masculinity file and also as example of the sociology of sports.


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