Wednesday, October 26, 2016

To Sit With My Own Thoughts, For a Moment

I haven't been sleeping well lately. That's nothing new. I've been a player on Team Insomnia for twenty years. There are stretches of time when my mind runs more than usual. This hot mess of a presidential election has occupied too much of my brain for too long a time. A happier part of my brain is excited about the World Series. There's the usual stuff of work and kids taking up normal amounts of my mental and physical energy. I find it so hard to sit with quiet. I'm always looking at or listening to something. I took a few minutes before class today to relax in my office, lights off, just to sit still for a moment. But it felt like something I scheduled.

*goes to class*

*two hours later*

Classes went well. I have a one hour break before another. I'm pleased with myself because I made a R.E.M. reference in one of my classes. It wasn't planned. I spontaneously worked in lyrics from Pop Song 89: "Should we talk about the weather? Should we talk about the government?" That sure is a great song. Honestly I'm hoping someone e-mails me to ask "Hey professor did you quote R.E.M. in class?" That would be cool.

Back to life I go.

See ya.

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