Friday, April 4, 2014

The Drunk

5:00 p.m. you walk into a near empty restaurant for takeout. You ask the bartender "How long will it be?" and she replies "Long enough to have a drink." Sounds good to take a break from your everyday so you ask for a beer and life is good. Upon your first sip you notice the guy to your left is drunk as a skunk. Here he comes. You've been in this scene before. So many times an extra drunk person has interrupted your space and talked in your face. It's happened so many times that you have a skill for how to respond. As usual, you play nice, even when he asks to put on your glasses. You indulge him and he is pleased with the opportunity to try on your glasses. He seals your approval by saying "You're cool bro." You've passed his drunken test. Now you're in the clear.

The drunk turns to his left and chips away at someone who appears to be a friend. He begs the man to go to one more bar for one more drink. "Please, please. Just one drink." The man protests again and again: "But I'm married." The drunk man persists and finally convinces the married man to go to another bar. They head for the exit. Your food is ready so you grab your bag and pat the drunk man on the shoulder as you walk past them. You say "Have a good night, gentlemen." You open the door to parking lot sunshine. Head up, you walk to your car with a confident feeling. You buzz home and move on with your life.

The End.

Author's note: story about my recent encounter with a drunk person.

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