Thursday, January 10, 2013

Let's Do What We Can Today

Let's do what we can today
as teachers and learners.

We don't have much time today
even though it feels like a drag.

Today we don't all feel great
No juice
Not feeling it
Not on point
So let's do what we can to help each other
and lift each other's spirits.

This is our chance to learn and grow
even if just a little bit.

Let's aim to think a little longer
Think a little deeper
See something a different way
Give that thing a second thought.

Today some of us are tired
So let's do the best we can to support each other.

And let's look for pleasure in all of this.
It's there.
We've got to find it...

Let's challenge each other
Respect each other
Maybe even try to understand each other.

And there will be days
when we're happy and silly
and funny and loving life.

Those are the best days.
But all days are days to learn something.
So let's do the best we can today
as teachers and learners.

Author's note: This poem is about the dog days of teaching and learning. It's easy to learn on a good day. But not so easy on a bad day. Those are the days we especially need each other.

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