Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hail Mary for Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton Tries to Run Out the Clock.

When I consume coverage of politics, I often hear sports metaphors. I figured "Hail Mary" would be a popular phrase applied to Trump at this point in the campaign. In football, Hail Mary is a desperate pass. Certainly not a play with a high success rate. Political pundits seem to use the phrase to refer to political strategy--an act of desperation, a sort of last-ditch attempt to change the impending outcome in a contest. Here's a sample of results from my Google search of "Trump Hail Mary" (links to the articles are in the titles):

"Trump's Mexican Hail Mary" - Commentary Magazine

(First sentence is: "Donald Trump’s critics said his hastily arranged visit to Mexico was an act of desperation, a Hail Mary pass, the sign of an erratic campaign.")

(Final sentence of the story is: "But with Trump pulling in just 1 percent of African-American voters in Pennsylvania, many political observers view the sinking candidate — and his Hail Mary attempt — as the one with little left to lose.")

There are a few results that come up with a Google search of "Hillary Clinton Hail Mary," but there are more results for the search "Hillary Clinton run out the clock." 

(This story is from January 2015 -- she's been running out the clock for a long time, eh?!)

Still a few months remaining in the campaign, so I suspect there will be more Hail Marys and clock management to come. Also be on the lookout for fumbles. 

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